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Yarn Advent 2021


This year's Advent calendar was designed around the theme 'A Stitch in Time'. The options for this year's advent were White Gum Wool, Cotton, or a new option for a Fibre advent featuring a variety of different fibres and blends.

Each day of the advent was inspired by an hour of the day ranging from dark, moody colours during the night to bright vibrant colours during the day.

Half advents were also available featuring only the 'day' or 'night' colourways.

Each advent contained;

  • 24 mini skeins/fibre inspired by an hour of the day

  • 100g skein/braid designed to coordinate with the other yarns in the advent.

  • Throughout the advent there were additional surprises including;

    • A resin cloud button created by Sheep Assisted.

    • A vinyl sticker from Lana Bou

    • An enamel pin from Lana Bou

    • A set of moon and stars stitch markers created by Yarnia/Stitchcraft and Wizardry

    • A cotton tote bag featuring a unique yarn quote, with graphic/lettering designed by See Creative.




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