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dyed to order

I am very happy to offer Dyed-to-Order options for my yarn.

There are two main options when choosing a dyed-to-order colourway;


Choose from the tonal/semi-solid/lightly speckled colourways in my Inflections (protein fibres) and Medley (cellulose fibres) colourways. For this option you can purchase directly from the website by clicking on the images below.


Choose a repeatable colourway from my colourway gallery and request a redye. For this option you can complete the webform on the 'Contact Us' page letting us know the base and colourway you are interested in and I will make contact within 48 hours.

Most of my yarn is dyed in small batches so by offering dyed-to-order options I am able to ensure that larger orders are from the same dye lot which means that the skeins will be as close as possible to each other.

It is important to note that due to the nature of hand dyed yarns there is always some variation between skeins, this is often even the case between skeins dyed in the same pot so when using multiple skeins in the same project it is recommended that you alternate skeins to minimise obvious differences.

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