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Yarn Advent 2020


My very first Yarn Advent calendar was designed around the theme 'Flora of Western Australia'.


I enjoyed curating a selection of plants that grow from each of the bioregions around WA, join me fellow botany nerds! 

The process of selecting these plants was quite challenging but also a whole lot of fun. Each plant chosen featured interesting colours in both the leaves and flowers to allow for fun and exciting interpretations in yarn as well as selecting plants with colours that flow between the skeins. I also wanted to have as much variety as possible so I made sure no genus of plants is repeated.

To add that little extra, I created digital drawings for each plant to act as my inspiration images. Each day a mini print of these artworks was included along with the skein of yarn.

Each advent contained;

  • 25 mini skeins inspired by particular species of plants from WA (20g or 10g option) with inspiration artwork.

  • 5 mini skeins dyed to form a fade set inspired by the colours of the earth in different parts of Western Australia

  • (optional) 100g skein designed to coordinate with the other yarns in the advent as a special Xmas day surprise.

Advent Reveal



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