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advent 2022


Advents are available in the following bases and size options;

  • White Gum Wool Fingering (Half or Full Advent)

  • White Gum Wool DK (Full Advent Only)

  • Threads of Gold Sock (Half or Full Advent)

  • Cotton Yarn 4ply (Half or Full Advent)

  • Cotton Yarn 8ply (Full Advent Only)

  • Fibre Advent (Half or Full Advent)

    • Featuring a range of fibres including some premium options.​

Prices are as follows;

White Gum Wool:

  • Half Advent (total 340g/1605m) - $190 

  • Full Advent (total 580g/2738m Fingering, 1369m DK) - $300

Threads of Gold Sock:

  • Half Advent (total 340g/1360m) - $150 

  • Full Advent (total 580g/2320m 4ply) - $240

Cotton Yarn:

  • Half Advent (total 340g/1139m) - $150

  • Full Advent (total 580g/1943m, 1404m 8ply) - $240


  • Half Advent (total 340g) - $180

  • Full Advent (total 580g) - $290

It's that time again and this year I have chosen to create my advent calendar around the theme Beguiling Beauties - A Celebration of Nudibranchs.

I have loved nudibranchs since I found out about them in primary school. They are utterly fascinating and absolutely beautiful in their array of colours from vibrant and luminescent through to experts of camouflage.

Although they are sometime called by their common name, sea slugs, this really doesn't do the beauty of these creatures justice.

Similar to the Flora of Western Australia advent from 2020, I will be selecting a specific species for each day's colourway and creating drawings of each Nudibranch which will feature on the label for that day. These will be small illustrations rather than the larger artworks that were part of the Flora of Western Australia Advent.

This year I will be offering advents in White Gum Wool, Threads of Gold Sock (75% Merino/20% Nylon/5% Stellina), Cotton, and Fibre options with both half and full advents available.

The wool and fibre advents will feature some colourways which will glow under UV light, unfortunately I have not found a suitable dye to achieve this on cotton yarns so this is only available on the wool and fibre advents.

Each full advent will contain;

  • 24 mini skeins/braids inspired by particular species of Nudibranch.

  • 100g skein/braid designed to coordinate with the other yarns in the advent as a special Xmas day surprise.

  • Some special surprises scattered through the advent.

Each half advent will contain;

  • 12 mini skeins/braids inspired by particular species of Nudibranch. You will have the ability to choose from a warm or cool colour option.

  • 100g skein/braid designed to coordinate with the other yarns in the advent as a special 25th day surprise.

  • Some special surprises scattered through the advent.

In addition to the advents you will have the option of purchasing some additional extras to make for an extra special treat. 

Additional extras include;

  • Extra 100g skeins/braids to match the 100g skein/braid in the advent

  • Skein of Cloud Embrace in a complimentary colourway (50g skein)

  • Premium packs with several extra surprises chosen to compliment the Nudibranch theme. There will be two premium pack options to choose from;

    • Spanish Dancer pack will contain over $100 of extra value including two skeins of Cloud Embrace (600m/100g total)

    • Blue Dragon pack will contain over $50 of value including one skein of Cloud Embrace (300m/50g).​

I will again be offering the option to tailor your advent to your craft of choice so by entering your preferred craft into the customisation box at checkout I can include extras that will be best suited to you.​

Advents are packaged in non-denominational wrapping making them suitable for any celebration.​​


The Pre-order for Yarn Advents will open on Monday 9th May at 8am AWST and close at the end of September if not sold out beforehand to allow time to ensure they are packaged with the full care and attention they deserve.

Yarn Advents will be posted at the start of November to ensure they arrive in time for the start of December.

If you wish to have an advent sent outside Australia please be aware that postage can be delayed. I have had a number of advents travel overseas in the last couple of years and most arrived prior to December however, I cannot guarantee that international deliveries will arrive by December 1st. 

If you have any queries please contact me via the web form at the bottom of the page to discuss.

Due to the nature of advent sets and the process of putting them together, I am typically unable to post international orders prior to Australian orders.

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