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I am quite sensitive to most wool and animal fibres which has led to Threaded Embrace choosing to work only with yarn/fibre that I find to be next to skin soft for my own skin. In most cases for merino this equates to less than 21 microns for commercially spun yarn but different bases will produce different effects and when using hand spun yarn I tend to find I can tolerate slightly higher micron fibre, particularly if it is plied with a finer fibre. 


It is important to me that I support Australian businesses wherever possible and I have chosen my yarn bases not only for their quality but also their place of origin and ecological impact.

Cotton Yarns

My cotton yarn is sourced from Bendigo Woollen Mills, an Australian company. I work with bases in 4 ply (fingering), 8 ply (DK), and 10 ply (worsted) weights. 

All of my cotton yarns are dyed with professional quality fibre reactive dyes. 

Wool Yarns

The main supplier of my wool yarns is White Gum Wool which I have chosen for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, as someone who is very sensitive to wool, I am keen to keep Threaded Embrace friendly to those who share my sensitivities but still love fibre arts. White Gum Wool is incredibly soft and I am able to wear it against even the most sensitive areas without any issues. I am not allergic to wool however, simply extremely sensitive. If you have a wool allergy I recommend you stick with a non-wool yarn such as my beautiful cottons.

My second reason for choosing White Gum Wool is that it is owned and run in Tasmania by Nan who cares for her sheep like family. They are treated ethically and given the opportunity to live a full life as part of an intergenerational flock. I prefer to use local and Australian suppliers wherever possible so it's wonderful to have the opportunity to start with such a wonderful base yarn.

I am also now stocking two new bases which come from an overseas supplier. I have chosen these bases for particular characteristics which I have been unable to find in Australia at an economical price. 

Embrace Lace which is an 80% extra fine merino/20% silk laceweight yarn. This yarn has a yardage of 800m per 100g skein.

Cloud Embrace is a fluffy yarn which can be used as a mohair replacement for those, like me, who are unable to wear mohair but still want the joy of the gorgeous halo. This yarn is 74% Baby Suri Alpaca/26% Mulberry Silk and really is divine. It is sold in 50g skeins with each containing around 300m of yarn.

Threads of Gold Sock is a yarn that I am offering for the first time with my 2022 advents. I have tested this yarn on my own garments and found it to be comfortable to wear against my skin. The sparkle does create a small amount of prickle so it may not be suitable against more sensitive areas for some people. I have chosen to include this base as an additional, slightly lower cost option. It is also excellent for children's items as it is a superwash, high twist merino so will handler more frequent washing. This yarn is 75% Superwash Merino/20% Nylon/5% Gold Stellina. The yardage for this yarn is 400m per 100g skein and it has a two ply construction.

I use professional quality acid dyes from several sources (and occasionally fibre reactive colours) with my wool colourways.


As with all my yarns, I have chosen fibres for spinning that are suitable for sensitive skin. My fibre bases are sourced either from White Gum Wool, Cashmere Connections or from Fibre Arts Shed which are Australian small businesses who contribute to the vitality of our local fibre industry.

White Gum Wool 100% Merino Sliver

This is a 17 micron wool, just like the yarns and it is an absolutely incredible fibre. I've never felt anything so incredibly soft, I have no reaction to the fibre even when held against my neck.

This sliver is a combed top that is gilled to give a worsted alignment. 


This fibre is 70% Merino/30% Bamboo with the merino being approximately 22 micron.

The bamboo adds a beautiful shimmer to the yarn as it has a natural 'silkiness' and the bamboo remains pure white.

I find this fibre to be at the upper end of micron count to be next to skin soft, however I have been extremely happy with the softness when plied with the White Gum Wool sliver. 

This is a lovely fibre to add some shine to a project without the itch of angelica.


This fibre is 80% Merino/20% Mulberry Silk with the merino being approximately 18 micron.

The silk takes the dye differently to the merino, providing more intense colours and has a beautiful lustre. I would recommend using this to add a silky sheen to your spinning while retaining the depth of colour. 


This fibre is 80% Merino/30% Tencel with the merino being approximately 22 micron.

The tencel in this fibre is similar in nature to the bamboo but is slightly airier and the strands separate more than the bamboo. There is a subtle sheen created by the tencel fibre which makes for thoroughly enjoyable spinning.

I find this fibre to be at the upper end of micron count to be next to skin soft, however I have been extremely happy with the softness when plied with the White Gum Wool sliver. 

Llama Love

This is a really interesting blend containing Llama/Whitefaced Woodland/Ramie/Bamboo. It is beautiful to spin with a very easy draft. It dyes up quite differently to my other bases with the colours blending together more across the braid.

Cashmere Connections Magic Blend

This is a stunning fibre with a luxurious blend of 50% Australian Suri Alpaca and 50% Optim. It has a lovely handle and is beautiful to spin.

Premium Blends

On occasion I will have some premium blends available. These vary with what is available from my suppliers but I have previously stocked;

Baby Camel/Silk


Mulberry Silk


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