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Pre-Order closes 12pm Friday 19th April 2019
The SUNCATCHER colourway and the SUNCATCHER FADE SET are a specialty colourway which require careful application of the dye to achieve the short rainbows. These colourways are hand painted (I literally use a small paintbrush dipped into a pot of dye) and take around half an hour per skein to simply apply the dye. 
The time consuming nature of the process means that I can only offer these yarns in a pre-order situation and the price is reflective of the love and time that goes into each skein.
At this stage I only offer these colourways on 100% Cotton yarn.
The current pre-order is aimed at Australian residents. If you live outside Australia and would like to order please contact me at to discuss postage options.
There are two payment options available;
Order via Webform - You will be sent an invoice via PayPal which will require 50% to be paid upfront with the following 50% + postage upon completion.
Order via Website Shop - Payment for this option is upfront with postage added at checkout.
Order via Webform

Suncatcher Fade Set      $45/100g set

Made up of five 20g skeins. Available in 100g sets.

You can choose which of the five colours you would like the fade to transition to. 

Options are as shown in the final image;

Crimson, Yellow (in sample), Jade Green, Bright Blue, Royal Purple.

Skein 1 - Suncatcher

Skein 2 - The same rainbow from suncatcher in one location with a long (about 1/2 skein) section of the chosen colour.

Skein 3 - The whole skein is dyed the chosen colour with one handpainted rainbow.

Skein 4 - Predominantly the chosen colour with hints of the rainbow in one section.

Skein 5 - Tonal skein of the chosen colour

2018-07-13 09.54.46.jpg
2018-08-16 14.50.17.jpg
2018-07-14 10.17.34.jpg
2019-04-02 14.12.37.jpg
2018-07-13 11.37.13.jpg

Suncatcher      $40/100g

White and pale grey with short rainbows handpainted in two locations. Available in 100g skeins.

2018-01-06 17.09.50.jpg
2018-01-27 17.17.40.jpg

Shipping will be as per the below prices.

Please note that if you order 500g of yarn it will need to be sent in the 3kg satchel (and same for 3kg of yarn) due to the additional weight of packaging.

Up to 490g            $11.50 (standard)     $14.50 (express)

500g to 2.99kg     $17.00 (standard)     $20.00 (express)

3kg to 4.99kg       $20.50 (standard)     $28.00 (express)

Thanks for submitting!

You should receive your invoice within the next two weeks.

If I need to confirm details I will use the provided email address to contact you.

Please feel free to email me at if you have any queries.

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