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These resin buttons are handmade by Sheep Assisted in Perth, Western Australia.

Each button is hand crafted with care to add that extra something to your creations. These buttons have a stunning iridescent/colour changing effect and embossed celtic knotwork design.


Each pack contains two (2) medium

buttons 2.2cm in diameter.


In some instances multiple buttons are available in the same 'colourway'. When purchasing multiple buttons please be aware that these buttons are all individually hand crafted and as such, variation between each individual button is to be expected.


Care Instructions

Sheep Assisted buttons are made from high quality jewellery grade resin. They are durable but will last longer with proper care.


  • Avoid hard knocks or sharp impacts. Resin is not easy to break but it isn't totally shatterproof.
  • Resin can deform in very hot temperatures. Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight for prolonged periods or in a hot car.
  • Solvents can damage the surface of resin. Try to avoid contact with perfume and hand sanitiser.
  • They can be scratched by sharp implements. be careful with scissors and needles.


Buttons are safe to launder. Wash them the way you wash hand knit/crochet items. Cool to lukewarm hand wash is recommended. Avoid leaving immersed in water.

Premium Resin Buttons - Medium - Bronze Wing - Dara Complex

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