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Please select the appropriate quantity of winding for the number of skeins you are purchasing and wish to be wound. 

For example;

If you are purchasing 2 full skeins and one mini skein that would equal 220g of yarn so you would purchase the 'Up to 3 skeins (300g)' quanity.

If you were to purchase 7 full skeins you would need to purchase the 'Up to 8 skeins (800g)' quantity.

If you are purchasing more than 10 full skeins please purchase multiple lots of winding which add up to the quantity you require. So if you purchase 13 full skeins you would purchase both an 'Up to 10 skeins (1kg)' and a 'Up to 3 skeins (300g)'.


Cakes are similar to a ball but a cylinder shape instead of a sphere and allow you to work from the middle by doing a centre pull. Please be aware that this may delay your postage by a day or so to give me time to wind them.

Yarn Winding Service

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